Getting Started with Algebra 1 - An Open Course

What is Algebra 1 - An Open Course?

Your NROC Project membership provides you and your students unlimited access to all courses in the NROC Project library, including Algebra 1 – An Open Course. This course is designed to be used with first-time algebra students at a broad range of ability levels, from remedial to advanced. The content is correlated to all US state algebra frameworks and The Common Core. This course can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to any algebra textbook.

The two-semester, adaptable course may be used as either a stand-alone curriculum, a supplemental resource or even for online homework.  The course is designed to allow customization by the instructor and offers video, audio, interactive simulations, puzzles, direct links to supporting text (in English and Spanish) as well as other instructional approaches that engage a variety of learning styles and attitudes.

How do I access the course?

Contact your local NROC Project Manager.

Are there resources to support my instruction?

Instructor Guides

The Instructor Guides provide topic outlines, learning objectives, tips and challenges of teaching the math in each unit and guidance for using the unit level activities. Common Core Correlations are also included for each unit.

For a broader perspectivie, these correlations spreadsheets will help you determine how NROC Algebra 1 topics aligns to the Common Core across the course.

The answer key files contain answer keys for the readiness, unit, midterm and final assessments for both semesters. Requires login – contact your NROC Project Manager for the file.

Open Textbook for Students

These comprehensive, unit-level texts are written in a conversational tone and include learning objectives. Either the Word or PDF version may be adapted, printed and shared with students.  No need for additional expensive textbooks!

NROC and Member-Developed Supplemental Materials


An open, student study guide contributed by member Abbie Bosserman, Sierra Vista High School adaptable for your students.

Direct links to content allow you to embed individual topics into your pre-existing course – a great resource for using NROC as a supplemental resource!

Mary Kasprzyk, an NROC pilot instructor, developed additional student assignments, worksheets and review problems as well as unit-level quizzes and exams.

Requires login – contact your NROC Project Manager for the file.

Additional Resources


NROC-produced closed-caption videos

The NROC Project’s Knowledge Base for Algebra provides community forums and articles on FAQ’s, tips, and course updates. 

Join the private “NROC Network” LinkedIn community to engage with other members and stay informed about our monthly professional development opportunities.

Access member-produced resources at our sharing site.


Need an idea for using NROC’s Algebra course? Browse the growing library of case studies at

These worked examples, hosted at Khan Academy's YouTube channel, were produced by NROC for Algebra 1 - An Open Course and subsequently closed-captioned by Khan Academy.  

Just need to supplement ALEKS, MyMathLab or another curriculum?

You can use links to content [] or your HippoCampus site.

Customizable Resource Pointer

You can also find the above information as a customizable Word doc that can be distributed to instructors at your institution. Add your NROC Project Manager's contact information, so instructors can locate all of the above helpful resources.