Getting Started with EdReady

What is EdReady?

EdReady is a math readiness system to help students avoid the time and cost of remedial courses. Depending on how your institution will configure EdReady, your students may use EdReady to:

•determine their readiness to take college-level math courses.

•follow a personalized study path to master specific concepts in math.

•prepare for specific standardized exams, such as the ACT®, SAT®, Accuplacer®, or Compass®.

•identify programs, colleges, or universities that are appropriate for their skills and interests.

•help manage and achieve academic and employment goals.

EdReady is based around the concept of “goals” - what students want to achieve.  Within those goals, students take an assessement or two to understand where they stand in relation to their goal and then pursue a personalized study path based on their diagnostic results – enabling students to study and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve there goals.

How do I access EdReady?

NROC membership provides you and your students with unlimited access to all of the benefits of The NROC Project, including EdReady.  You may enroll as students or create as many customized assessments and goals as you need for your students at no additional cost. 

What resources will help us understand and use EdReady?  

EdReady Resource Library

An overview of the resources available for personalized instruction within EdReady.

EdReady for Members

This step-by-step online guide provides you with easily digestible pieces of information for learning about EdReady and starting to think how it could be used at your institution. This page includes links to webinars highlighting member uses.

Stepping Stones to EdReady

A quick resource for planning to use EdReady at your institution.

Online User Guides

Online guides are available for system administrators, teachers, and students at the NROC Project’s Help Center as well as directly from any page within EdReady.

Student Guide:

Reporting User's Guide:

* Teachers can use this guide to understand the reports to which they have access.

System Administrator’s Guide: