Getting Started with HippoCampus

What is HippoCampus?
HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas.  Objects include presentations, simulations, worked examples, test prep, activities, and other multimedia instructional formats, all browsable by subject or collection.
While there is a public HippoCampus site available to everyone, your institution’s member-branded HippoCampus site provides you with these key benefits:
  1. Expanded Terms of Use allow for institutional use.
  2. Seamless integration into your favorite applications with direct links to objects. When students click on the link, the object will launch in a clean window with no distractions.
  3. Most of the objects within HippoCampus have been correlated to your state’s academic standards and the Common Core standards.
  4. Advertising-free access.
How do I access my member-branded site?
Your institution's membership provides you and your students with unlimited access to all of the benefits of The NROC Project, including a member-branded HippoCampus. You can access your membership’s HippoCampus site with a customized URL, available from your institution's NROC Project Manager.
What resources are there to help me understand and use my Hippo account?

Why and how to create an account.

Student accounts are not necessary or recommended.  Teachers and instructors may create their own accounts with their preferred email address and a password at your member-branded HippoCampus site to create playlists and curate a smaller collection to share with a student, class, or entire institution. Students should not be given login credentials to the instructor's site; they simply visit the instructor's site via a unique URL.

NOTE: You can only use an email address once, so be sure you are creating an account from your institution’s member-branded site, as opposed to the public site.

How to create a playlist

This short, 4-minute video walks you through how to create a playlist on HippoCampus.  Once you’ve created a playlist, you may embed its unique URL in your favorite application or directly share it with students, parents, and colleagues.

NOTE: This video is posted at the bottom of every subject page on every HippoCampus site.

HippoCampus Collections

An overview of the growing list of digital learning object collections available at your institution’s HippoCampus site.

HippoCampus Links for Members

Administrative login required. This customizable file contains direct links to all learning objects at HippoCampus, organized by subject.  Teachers may use this spreadsheet to quickly put together lesson plans or find supplementary material for their students.  Administrators may find this list useful for integration of the content into local repositories.

To find items in each spreadsheet quickly, columns may be filtered or sorted by:

  • Object Type

  • Collection

  • Course and Unit Title

  • iOS Compatibility

If you do not have login credentials at, please contact your institution’s NROC Project Manager for assistance or email to be directed to your local contact.