Getting Started with NROC English

NROC English is available for download from

NOTE: Instructors – if you are interested in using NROC English, you must contact the NROC Project Manager at your institution to arrange for LMS installation (per instructions below). If you do not know who your NROC Project Manager is, email us!

Accessing the NROC English Installation Files

The NROC English course must be installed in your LMS by an LMS Administrator with sufficient privileges to set up global LTI tools within the LMS.

  • If you are the LMS Administrator, you can go directly to the installation guide request form.
  • If you are not the LMS Administrator, please give the following URL to your LMS Administrator:

    Note: The LMS Administrator will need login credentials to the NROC Network (  If you need to create an account for your LMS Administrator, follow the instructions below.  After logging in, he or she will complete a brief request form and then be directed to the installation guides. 

Does your LMS Administrator have a login at

The NROC Project Manager at your institution can ensure that your LMS Admininstrator has login access to the NROC Network by taking the following steps. 

  1. Click the Login button at the top of this page and enter your username (email address or first name [space] last name) and password. A password reset link will display for your convenience.
  2. View your own institutional profile and check the list of contacts. You can find your profile by clicking on the Home button on the top navigation bar of this page.
  3. If you do not see your LMS Administrator's name on the list of contacts, click on Add Team Contacts to set up an account. Follow these directions or watch the 30-second video below for information.
  4. In most cases, members are limited to five active users, so if you are unable to add more, you can either: 
    • remove someone from your contacts list (use Edit Team Contacts) then add the LMS Administrator, or
    • fill out the NROC English installation guide request form yourself. The URL for the installation guide will be given to you, and you can provide the link to your LMS Administrator.
Video: How To Add Team Contacts to Your NROC Network Profile